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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some more thoughts from the Mets opener

I know I should not be negative after the Mets played a crisp game and won convincingly, but here are a couple of other thoughts that I didn't put in the quick recap yesterday.

  • Mike Jacobs looked AWFUL in his 4 at bats, with a couple strikeouts. He also had to come out for a defensive replacement for the "great defender", Fernando Tatis. Yes, Tatis has played less than 60 games at 1st base in his career. 
    • So basically he's a DH that can't make consistent contact; sounds like an ideal #4 hitter Jerry.
  • That was the first time I've ever heard the whole medical staff boo'd (the athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coordinator, and the physical therapist.
    • Stay classy NY
  • Johan was sharp and a treat to watch 
    • The radar guns weren't shown in Citi Field yesterday, so I don't know how his velocity was, but it wasn't important, as his change-up and slider were terrific
  • Fernando Nieve deserves a nice round of applause for his two inning effort
    • After looking at some of the pictures of his motion, I may have noticed why he often leaves his pitches up in the zone. I will post this later on tonight
  • F Rodriguez was very sharp, especially after barely pitching in spring training
  • Jason Bay had a nice Triple, which definitely surprised the NY fans who heard all about his bad knees this off-season
    • Yes, it was misplayed by the outfielders, but you still got to love not settling for the double, which 95% of the Mets of the past years would've done.
I can't stand this day off today for the Mets, but there is nothing we can do about it.

There will be more pictures posted tonight, highlighted by close-ups of Johan, Nieve and K-Rod's deliveries.

Let's Go Mets! 


  1. Leave it to Met fans to boo the training staff.

    It was a good win for the Mets. Strong starting pitching, solid relief, and RBI hits when needed. That usually works...

    I don't like the off day either, but with early season weather, they schedule off days so there aren't backlogs of day/night double-dips...although, I once went to back to back double dips (that's 4 games in 2 days) at Shea Stadium vs. the Cardinals and loved every second of it!

  2. The training staff is not good....I love the fact everyone cheered three players with a standing "O".....Howard Johnson, Johan Santana...and the EQUIPMENT STAFF !!!!!