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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Observations from yesterday's "Marathon"

After reading some other recaps this morning, here were a couple of my favorites:
  • Lost in this game was the great starting pitching by Johan Santana and Jaime Garcia. Both pitchers were very impressive. Johan threw 7 innings, let up 4 hits, but struck out 9. 
  • Angel Pagan went 3-for-6 in the game. The rest of the Mets were 6-for-55 (.109).
  • The Mets went 1-for-30 against fastballs. They entered the day 21st in the majors hitting .269 against fastballs, and are now down to 26th, hitting just .238 against heaters! Just as shockingly, they hit .357 against sliders and changeups (3-9 and 2-5, respectively). They entered the game hitting just .250 against those two pitches (Hat Tip: ESPN TMI Blog).
  • Jeff Francoeur knocked in one of the Mets runs but his average dropped 76 points (.457 to .381) after an 0-for-7 effort.
  • D Wright, J Bay and J Francoeur were a combined 1 for 19 with eight strikeouts in the 3-4-5 spots in the lineup.
  • The Mets had only nine hits in 20 innings tonight, all singles.
  • Quoting from Anthony DiComo’s post game report,
    Four Mets pitchers threw at least two innings of relief, allowing Manuel to save closer Francisco Rodriguez for a save situation. That did not occur until the 19th… Rodriguez, who had warmed up every inning from the eighth through the 19th, estimated that he threw more than 100 pitches in the bullpen. And he admitted to being somewhat gassed by the time Manuel finally called his name.
    • Really??? I know he was up a lot, but wow. Think that qualifies as the longest outing of K-Rod's major league career. 
      • Great job Jerry. Usually teams hesitate to put a guy into a game after warming up 3 times, we allow our best bullpen arm to warm up 11 TIMES

    Mets are going to need to call a reliever or two up for tonight's game, especially since John Maine is not usually an "innings eater".

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  1. To the defense of Jerry....at least he didn't bring in Wright or Reyes to pitch and have them blow out their arms....HATS OFF TO JERRY....