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Thursday, April 15, 2010

mets lost 6-5 in 10 innings. mejia gives up walk-off home run. mets try to avoid the sweep this afternoon vs a tough lefty De La Rosa.

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  1. Well this road trip is off to a great start. A tough lefty as noted already and then to St. Louis where they have this Pujols guy who I heard it pretty good.

    As far as the Mets go. The good: the Japanese guy (not even sure how to spell his name) is a legitimate pitcher. He was throwing 95 with a nice splitter. He can help for sure. He is going to have to if starters can't get to the 6th.

    Mejia--welcome to the show. He will be fine once they stop wasting him and make him a starter. Have they not learned from the Yankees with Chamerlain about what happens when you force a square peg in a round hole? Mejia can go four or five innings like the rest of these guys. But at least then we could make the arguement he is learning on the job and probably be ok with it. I would much rather let Mejia go get whacked around than John Maine at this point.

    Also, bring me Ike Davis. He had a great spring and like Mejia, if first base is going to hit on the interstate, I would rather watch Davis than Tatis/Jacobs. But the savior of the Mets, Daniel Murphy, is coming back at some point and I am sure all the PR will be "our front line first baseman is coming back and will magically fix everything". I don't dislike Daniel Murphy, but for a guy who hasn't proven himself yet, he gets treated like he is a borderline all-star. I do think he can help and will be an improvement. How much of an improvement remains to be seen. He has to get healthy because right now, as a Met fan watching first base, we need him (hey, hitting .275 is a big step up right now).

    The culture with the Mets is a big issue. We can talk players, decisions, etc. but from the top down the culture is one of malaise and overall blah-ness. People may get fired, fans might want certain guys gone, and that's all whatever to me. I have been around baseball long enough to know that when the culture is bad, it doesn't get fixed overnight becuase the issues are greater than a pitcher here and a player there.

    With all that being said, I will be watching again tonight.