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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recap of In-Game Posts from Game 11 on Saturday. Mets win 2-1

Mets win 2-1 in 20 innings. Mike Pelfrey (!) gets the save. Can't believe I just spent 7 hours watching baseball today. But it's a whole lot better than losing.

And the Mets take the lead in the top of the 19th, 1-0! K-Rod, you better not blow this

This is telling: Mets don't have confidence Luis Castillo can get a hit off a POSITION PLAYER.

Mets have been shut out for two full games tonight, but still haven't lost. Thrilling game. need a W

Please don't pitch to Pujols right here with a runner on 1st

Mets are scoreless after 16 innings. Wow. Cardinals have their top of the order up. no chance Pujols sees another strike this game.

14 scoreless innings...

13 scoreless innings. Lets Go Mets. Win this game

Alex Cora dives into the stands to end the bottom of the 10th. Neither Jacobs nor Tatis make that play

After 9 innings complete, Mets and Cardinals tied at 0. Mets need to find a way to win this one in extra innings

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