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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scouting Report for RHP Carlos Silva

I'm not quite sure how Carlos Silva has a sub 1.00 ERA this year in 13 innings, but my bet is it won't last.

He features an 89 MPH fastball, 79 mph slider, and an 80 mph change-up. So far this year, he is throwing his fastball a lot less, and his slider a lot more (maybe this is the reason for his small sample size success?). He has always pitched to contact (aka, doesn't strike anyone out; career 3.8 K/9), and doesn't walk many ( < 2 W/9). He signed a 4 year, 48 million dollar contract before the 2008 season with the Mariners, and quickly went out there, started 28 games, and had a 6.46 ERA (1.60 WHIP). 2009 didn't get any better, as he had a shoulder injury in May, returned in September, and finished the year with an 8.60 ERA (1.71 WHIP). Was traded this off-season in exchange for Milton Bradley.

He is the Cubs equivalent to Oliver Perez; Getting paid like a #2/3 starter, but has performed more like a #5 (in the past, not counting this year)

For the scouting report for Mets starter, click here: Oliver Perez

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