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Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Johan Won; Reyes to Bat 3rd vs the Braves

Here is some interesting stats from ESPN, TMI Blog:

Why Mets starter Johan Santana won:

- Great offspeed stuff (threw 71 percent for strikes; hitters went 1-14, 4 K and chased 39 percent out of the strike zone).

- Stayed ahead in the count: Threw 70 percent first-pitch strikes (MLB avg: 58) and went to three 2-0 counts and two 3-ball counts against 27 hitters.

- Improved efficiency: 21 of 27 hitters (78 percent) saw four pitches or fewer (MLB avg: 65).

That is a great trifecta there. Johan isn't the pitcher that dominated the league like he was with the Twins, but he is an intelligent warrior, who hates to lose, and seems to always find a way to keep his team in the game, even when he doesn't have has best fastball velocity (which was the case again last night).

Also, Adam Rubin, from ESPN New York, is reporting that Jose Reyes will bat 3rd versus the Braves this weekend in an effort to jump-start Jason Bay. Maybe this will create the "length" that Jerry Manuel keeps talking about.

1 comment:


    1)He is not a power hitter
    2)He is not hitting above 250
    3)He is struggling himself
    4)He is not a patient hitter
    5)He likes batting LEAD OFF
    6)He can not hit a curve ball
    7)DO I NEED MORE????

    I guess this is the winning lineup in "JERRY's MIND"
    1)Pagan CF
    2)Bay LF
    3)REYES SS
    4)Wright 3B
    5)Francour RF
    6)Davis 1B
    7)Barahas C
    8)Castillo 2b

    JERRY...you are clueless


    9) Pitcher!!!

    Reasons--Reyes is the LEADOFF hitter..pagan has been making solid contact and is a good fastball hitter ..very hard to double up these two...if either get on then Wright will see more fastballs. You need to get your best hitters the most AT BATS in a game. Right now Pagan is showing some power and will benefit in the 2 hole he does not have the power to bat 3-6 but is hitting better than everyone in those spots. Castillo (despite what some think) is a professional HITTER. he knows his role and does it for the good of the team!! you have to bat him 2 or 7(second lead off spot). Enough said...back to work