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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Great hustle by Ike Davis scoring from 2nd on an error. Mets score 4 in the 6th. Johan going back out there for the 7th.


  1. Great hustle yes. But lucky Fontenot forgot about him or he was dead at hoome. I never understand why players think they are showing hustle when they mindlessly run the bases. For example, on a very high pop up to the first basemen how many times do you see the runner round the base and start towards second. STAY ON THE BAG!!! If by some miracle he drops the ball you're not out on your way to second.

  2. Thanks for the comment Scat. I do agree with your second point, however I think since the ball bounced so far away from Fontenot, that he didn't have a shot at throwing Davis out. If it stayed in front of him, then yes, it would've been a dumb play. But with the bounce it took, Ike made the right play. Whether or not he could've stopped if the ball did stay in front of Fontenot, we will never know.