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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Game 8- Mets at Rockies

Here is the Mets line-up facing Rockies starter Aaron Cook tonight:

Jose Reyes – SS
Luis Castillo – 2B
David Wright – 3B
Jason Bay – LF
Mike Jacobs – 1B
Jeff Francoeur – RF
Rod Barajas – C
Angel Pagan – CF
Jon Niese – LHP

Check out the post this afternoon (Game 8 Starters) for the scouting report on Aaron Cook and Jon Niese.

Can someone explain to me why M Jacobs A) is playing, B) is hitting in front of Francoeur, who is the hottest hitter on the Mets right now? And don't tell me splitting up lefty/righties, because A Cook has no significant splits.

My prediction: Mets win 5-3 and everyone takes a deep breath, at least for one night.


  1. Bring back Bobby V!

    He'll wake them up

  2. you say they are going to win every night....Francoeur should be batting 3rd...WRIGHT hasn't hit a HR since the line drive on opening day that was FAIR in the right field corner by a few feet.

  3. Wright did hit a garbage HR last night, but I do agree that Frenchy should be hitting higher than Jacobs, but not ahead of D Wright or Bay.