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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Observations from Game 8

  • I know everyone is in love with Jeff Francoeur's hot start and is continuing to point it out to me since I do not think he is a good baseball player. For those who did not see his home run, this was the situation.
    • He sees 1st pitch fastball/sinker and had his mind made up that he was going to swing no matter where it was. This pitch happened to be 6 inches inside off the plate, but he had his mind made up to swing, gets lucky and hits a HR
      • Any other ball park that is a 310 foot fly out and a terrible at bat.
    • He still doesn't have a major league approach at the plate, and he will revert back his prior stats
      • This is just a small sample size and anything can happen during any eight game stretch
  • Even considering the aforementioned information, there is no reason Mike Jacobs should be hitting in front of him at this point in the season.
    • Mike Jacobs still should not even be on the team
      • Chris Carter went 4-4 yesterday in Buffalo
  • David Wright hammered a mistake from Aaron Cook for a HR early in the game, but he was unable to capitalize in the 7th when Matt Daley left two pitches up in the zone, and ended up striking out
    • Wright has done everything Mets fans needed to quiet their fears about his disastrous 2009 season, so far
  • Jose Reyes caught the Rockies napping and stole 3rd base without a throw, or Ian Stewart even moving toward the bag. 
  • Jon Niese obviously didn't have his best stuff (hardly threw his curveball, which is his plus pitch), but was able to keep the Mets in the game.
    • I attribute the lack of his curve-ball to Coors Field, and saw more positives than negatives in this outing.
Overall this wasn't a "bad loss" and is one I can live with (especially on the heels of the past two blowouts). The Mets need to steal a couple games out of the remaining four games on the road trip, although it obviously will be tough facing De La Rosa today and Carpenter tomorrow.

Keep your heads up, sometimes you just BATTLE and find a way.

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  1. battle..yes, there is no other way...get a good starting pitching performance and that will help the cause tremendously