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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wow. Guess I should've waited to comment until this morning...

So the Mets completely revamped the bullpen and changed CF in the matter of hours last night. Quick recap:

Rauch, Ramon Rameriz (Giants),  F Francisco = 7th, 8th and 9th inning
A Torres = starting CF who had one great year (2010) in an otherwise journeyman career

A Pagan and his terrible baseball IQ

So this morning the Mets are a better baseball team than they were on December 6th. Congratulations. But does this bullpen change them to an 88-90 win team from the 77 wins they had last year (with Reyes)? No chance. So why spend money just for the sake of saying "look, we are spending money."

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jon Rauch?

Why are the Mets going to spend 8-10 million dollars on a couple relievers, and it's starting with Jon Rauch? I understand the concept and agree with it in principle, IF the team was going to compete for a playoff spot. BUT for a team that's not going to compete in 2012, this is ridiculous and worthless.

Sandy, I thought you are better than this.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Good Bye Jose

Although I was mentally prepared to lose Jose Reyes this winter to the highest bidder, after the first flirtation with the Marlins and their initial offer, I reversed course and thought the Mets could and would retain him with a 5 year/90-95 million dollar contract.

Then the bombshell drops last night at the winter meetings that the Marlins upped the ante to 6 years for 106 million (including a buyout of a potential 7th year), and it hurt. A Lot.

Now resigned to the fact we are in a true rebuilding mode (which should've started 18 months ago), I'm ready to trade D Wright now, and try to make a run at the division in 2015. We aren't going to have a winning record next year definitively, and our young pitchers (Harvey, Wheeler and Mejia) could start to make an impact in 2013. So if we can get 2-3 solid prospects for Wright, then might as well. There isn't much of a difference between 72 wins in 2012 without Wright versus 78 wins with.

What do you guys want the Mets to do?