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Monday, April 5, 2010

Game 1- The Happy Recap

For those of you unfortunate ones that had to work today, the Mets played a complete game, and handily beat the Marlins 7-1.

The game ball goes to Mr. Johan Santana, who retired the 1st seven hitters he faced, and never let the Marlins get comfortable at the plate.

Other impressions: Citi Field definitely feels like the Mets home now, with the Apple more prominently displayed, the banners all around the stadium, the gates renamed etc. I did not get a chance to check out the museum, but everyone that I have heard from LOVED it. I will definitely go there next game.

The game was announced as a sell out, but it was a passive crowd, especially for Opening Day.  There was a spattering of boos in pre-game introductions (Oliver Perez), which is complete uncalled for and ridiculous. The crowd definitely cheered with Wright's HR, but the crowd noise wasn't any where near what it has been in the past. Even the two strike clapping was weak.

But all in all, the Mets did what they needed to do: pitched effectively (two good innings from Nieve and one from K-Rod), played good defensive (Alex Cora had one nice gab), and even took a couple walks (here's looking at you Frenchy).

I will be post more thoughts and pictures from the game tomorrow, but I need to go spend some time with my lonely wife.



  1. Great pictures Anthony!

    And, hey, take heart: At this pace, the Mets will go undefeated!

  2. I think you should have posted better pictures..LETS GO METS...