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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And Ollie doesn't make it out of the 4th inning. Mets up 3-2 but bases are loaded.


  1. Hate to see walks and then walks score, but the Mets are fine. They will find a way to battle and win the game. Perez--good one day, bad the next. Can you really be that surprised that he blew up so quickly?

  2. Perez is the WORST 12 million dollar man...I can do what he does for 500k.

    What does Perez and Bernie Madioff have in common?

    They both STOLE money from WILPON's...

  3. heyyyyyyyy mets - nothing finer than a base clearing triple at Citi Field!

  4. Bottom line is the Mets didn't give up after Ollie's poor performance, and they continued to battle when a lot of teams would just mail it in.

    This team is very fun to watch right now; but let's just remember everyone was killing this team a week ago.

    Let's enjoy this ride.