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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Ike Davis Era...

May begin tonight.

SNY is reporting he has been scratched from his game in Buffalo, and will be at Citi Field tonight.

Here is his line so far in AAA this year: Overall he’s hitting .364/.500/.636 (12-for-33, 2 HR, 4 RBI, 9 BB).

Here is a scouting report from Toby Hyde on Ike Davis Metsminorleagueblog.com/ike-davis.
Davis has above average bat speed and really does his damage against fastballs. His power, which is above average, is from straight-away center-field on over to the right-field line. He can take a pitch, working a count to pick one he can handle and drive. Patience and power is a great foundation for an offensive game.
That sounds great, so what about the negatives?

Mechanically, Davis’s swing is not simple, but he makes it all work. He drops his hands back and down almost all the way to the jersey letters in his load, which leads to a hitch in the back. He takes a fairly large stride, which can lead to him being out on his front foot against breaking balls. Because his hands moved down at the beginning, he can be beat and will chase fastballs up.

My Take: Mets fans are very excited that they get to see our future 1st baseman, but we just need to make sure the expectations are not too high. He is definitely better than Mike Jacobs, and for that I'm happy.  But he will struggle versus lefties, especially against breaking balls. His glove has been hyped as well, but when I watched him during Spring Training, he made his share of errors. Again, I'm happy he's coming to the Mets, but don't expect him to be Keith Hernandez with his glove, or D-Straw with his bat.


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