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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Game Recap for Series Finale Mets Dodgers

And the Mets sweep the Dodgers! Finish homestand 9-1! Final score 7-3. Plenty of pictures from the game will be posted tomorrow. huge series vs Phillies fri-sun

Bay rbi double and Ike with an rbi single. Mets up 7-3 end of 7. What a great homestand!

Posted by Anthony at 3:26 PM

Maine 6 innings, 9 k's. Nieve gets 3 quick outs including a dp. 7th inning stretch 5 -3 Mets

Posted by Anthony at 3:13 PM

Every day Nieve warming up yet again

Posted by Anthony at 3:08 PM

And Maine strikes out the side in the 6th!

Posted by Anthony at 2:57 PM

Maine k's Ethier (3 k's so far), and gets Loney to ground out to SS. Dodgers 3 and 4 hitters 0-6 with 5 ks so far. 5-3 middle of 5th

Posted by Anthony at 2:43 PM

R Martin line drive hr to left. 2 run shot. That ball left in a hurry. Followed by double for Kemp. Maine running out of steam? 78 pitches, 1 out in the 5th.

Posted by Anthony at 2:38 PM

Joe Torre loves the intentional walk; 3rd of the series. Frenchy with a bloop double to make it 5-1 end of 3.

Posted by Anthony at 2:13 PM

Maine lets up unearned run in 3rd due to Reyes error, but gets his 4th k. 50 pitches after 3 innings

Posted by Anthony at 2:00 PM

Pagan ropes 2-run triple. Mets up 3-0. Cora drives opp field double. 4-0. end of 2nd

Posted by Anthony at 1:48 PM

R Martin just went out and got the ball Ely struck out J Bay with for a keepsake. FYI, Bay took an 86 mph fastball looking to end bot of the 1st.

Posted by Anthony at 1:28 PM

J Maine is throwing his fastball early and often, and has 2 ks in 1st inning. Hasn't touched 90 according to Citi radar.

Posted by Anthony at 1:17 PM

Sorry for late line up post, but here it is: Pagan Cora Reyes Bay Wright Davis Francoeur Barajas Maine.

The stadium is empty and very windy.

Mets will win 5-3

Posted by Anthony at 1:01 PM

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  1. Way to battle and get to the game. Another sweep is nice. Philly this weekend should be interesting. Looking foward to the Pelf-Halladay matchup Saturday.