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Friday, April 16, 2010

Omar, Please Stop Talking

"It was good to get the win. It just changes the momentum,'' Minaya said after the Mets had shut out the Rockies behind Mike Pelfrey's strong start. "St. Louis is always tough. If we can win two out of three, that will be outstanding. If we win one, I'll take it. We've got Jose [Reyes] back, and once we get [Daniel] Murphy and [Carlos] Beltran back, we can compete with everyone else.''


  1. What kind of GM is happy with winning 1 of 3 games.

  2. 1 of 3?!!??? Really? This is leadership? Happy with 1 and 3? Hell are we also happy with just showing up?

    I expect the Mets to win every game they play. Bottom line. It's called competiting.

    So what he is saying is we are happy going 62-100 (that's roughly 1 of 3).