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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Battle of the Blog Fantasy Baseball Update

I had posted in late March that I was participating in a 20-team fantasy baseball league with fellow bloggers (Check out the set-up post here: Battle of the Blogs). Well, after two weeks, yours truly is in 1st place, so I figured it was time to talk about this league once again.

How did I get into this position? Well the first week I had an unexpected tough match-up vs KC Sports Central (can't believe I lost 9-10-1 to a blog that doesn't even focus on baseball). However, I bounced back in a big way last week, and poor Fire Eric Bruntlett felt my team's anger, as he took a beating; I dominated this Phillies blogger 17-3. I do feel bad, so I will link to his site, so you can go there and make fun of his team (http://www.fireericbruntlett.com/).  Just be careful, because this may be the only time the Mets beat the Phillies this year.

This week, I'm matched up with a Royals blog, Royals Junkie, so if you want to check out some pics from opening day at Kaufmann Stadium, head over there. He's already picked up Ike Davis, but besides Evan Longoria, I'm not scared of his team. So be on the lookout for next week's recap and expect LongLiveSheaStadium to remain atop of the standings.


  1. No so fast, buddy! Royals Junkies is bringin' it this week!!! Jeff Niemann started my week off proper...

  2. I wish Lady Loves Pinstripes fantasy team was doing as well as your team!!

    Trying to just get it right with these sleepers and maybe I am to aggresive....

    Great job Long Live Shea Stadium!