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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pictures from Opening Day

Here are a bunch of pictures from yesterday's game. I was sitting in section 520, row 8, for those looking for the point of reference.

Some thing I've never seen before: a hot dog eaten on a POCKET KNIFE.

Nice pre-game introductions.

D-Straw with HoJo after his weak 1st pitch effort...

Notice Johan's arm action on the 1st picture. His elbow is in a straight line with his body and at shoulder height, which is exactly where he wants to be right before his front foot hits the ground, leading to a good release point.

His throwing shoulder is not in line with his front shoulder (hyper-abduction), and the ball is still behind him when his foot hits the ground. This is going to need to cause him to rush his upper body, which will often result in pitches high in the zone (and that will lead to a lot of HRs in the majors)

Impressive leg strength there by K-Rod, but I do not like the scapular loading that is evident on the right. I know some people would say this is proper mechanics, but I disagree. I think it puts increased forces on the anterior (front) of the shoulder.

Hope you enjoy these pictures.

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  1. The pocket knife guy....does anyone need a hot dog bun???