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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Opening Day Line up?

Adam Rubin, over at the new ESPN New York now, wrote up his projected opening day line-up.

Alex Cora, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
D Wright, 3B
M Jacobs, 1B
J Bay, LF
G Matthews Jr, CF
J Francoeur, RF
R Barajas, C
J Santana, SP

To anyone and everyone who has Josh Johnson on their fantasy team: feel free to have full confidence you will get a great start vs this "stellar" line-up.

I see no reason why I would pitch to D Wright or J Bay in that line-up.


  1. Yeah, that lineup is shaky, but they just have to hold the fort until the troops arive. Manuel did say that when Reyes comes back, he is batting first. They have 22 home games in their first 30 (or something like that) so if they can stay at .500 or a game or two over, we will all be satisfied. Then if they get healthy, they can give it a run.

  2. "Hold the fort until the cavalry arrives"

    that was the motto last year. look where that got us...

  3. Oh I know that was the motto last year. I just can't be jumping off bridges before the season starts so I will hold on to the hope...ya gotta believe right?