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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Opening Day (Night) 2009- Part 1?

So I had my streak come to an end last year at 10 games, but it wasn't without a valiant effort. I took the train from Metuchen to Citi Field and got there around 5:00, expecting scalpers to be every where with tickets (reason I didn't have tickets already is that they were too expensive on stubhub/ebay etc). When I got off the train/subway tracks, there was 100 people standing there looking for tickets; no one selling. I walked around the stadium twice, and only saw one guy that may have had tickets, every one else was trying to buy tickets that weren't available. I did get to see the SNY pre-game show with Bobby Ojeda, D-Straw. 

The Mets were slowly releasing tickets that were unused, almost in an auction-esqe fashion. "4 seats, lower level, $400", and the first person to say yes was escorted to the ticket window. It was from this line that I heard Jody Gerut hit the 1st home run in Citi Field history (as the first batter).

I decided to leave the line in about the 3rd inning, make one more lap around the stadium, but still no scalpers were any where to be found. I dishearteningly walked back up the stairs to take the train home; I saw one guy who was still asking for $150 for a ticket, IN THE 4TH INNING. "Good luck with that", and I hopped on the train for the lonely ride home, happy with my effort, but disappointed nonetheless. At least I got an opening day/Citi Field program!

Part 2 may follow later today with someone's experience who actually got inside the stadium.


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  1. That's a great effort though! Reminds me of when I went with my brother in 2007 and we scalped two tickets in the mezzanine for about 75 each. That was the infamous "Glavine gives up 7 in the first" game. So after about 19 minutes of the top of the 1st my brother and I were not only sick about the Mets, but quite upset we just dropped a lot of money to watch them choke.

    Besides that, I remember at least half of the upper deck being COMPLETELY EMPTY for a game that was a "complete sellout". If the Mets had won, they were going to the playoffs. Maybe those who didn't show up were smart...