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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Countdown to Opening Day. Home Opener 2008

Tuesday April 8, 2008 Mets Home Opener vs the Phillies.
Took off of work and planned on taking the train to the game. Well I missed the train in Bay Head, Point Pleasant and Manasquan (train pulled away once I crossed the tracks). So I drove up to Red Bank and got a parking ticket. Went to the game with Scat, but got there before him so I tailgated with Demps, Ed Ra, sister Demps and Vito. Mets had an early lead and Delgado hit a HR, but the bullpen (Schoenweis, Heilman, Sosa) all imploded, as well as Delgado committing a costly throwing error on a double play ball. Mets lost 5-2. Went into the city to meet up with Alissa for her birthday after the game and had a drink with her and one of the Caden’s before leaving to embark on the forever train ride home.

Mets Starting Line-up:
J Reyes SS
L Castillo 2B
D Wright 3B
C Beltran CF
C Delgado 1B
A Pagan LF
R Church RF
B Schneider C
O Perez P

Phillies Starting line-up:
J Rollins SS
S Victoriano CF
C Utley 2B
R Howard 1B
P Burrell LF
J Werth RF
P Feliz 3B
C Ruiz C
J Moyer P

And that concludes the last Opening Day at Shea Stadium.

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