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Friday, April 9, 2010

Barajas Quotes Re: Niese

“He pounded the strike zone. He faced some pretty good hitters, he did some good things and you have to try to build on that. I caught him in spring, and I always said he has some good stuff… and not just good stuff, but special stuff and the ability to be a real good pitcher at this level for a long time… He’s got a nice, straight fastball, he’s got that cut fastball, he’s got a good curve ball and his change up’s good, and he can throw a two-seamer. He’s got a variety of pitches he can go to and, for me, they’re all average– to above-average major-league pitches, and once he’s able to get a good feel for every single one of those pitches he’s going to be tough.”

In my scouting report back in March (check it out here: Jon Niese), I had said "The Good: His signature pitch is his 12-6 curve-ball, which scouts rate as "plus-plus"; fastball is in the low 90s, and he also features an average change-up. Added a cutter to the repertoire last year, which has average velocity but late movement. He pounds the strike zone"

Thanks for agreeing with me Rod!

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