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Friday, April 9, 2010

Jerry Manuel can't even Get Thrown out

I was arguing for Jerry to get thrown out last night, just for the sole fact he doesn't do anything positive for this team.  But in reality, I agree with what Sabometrics said this AM,

At one point during the 9th the Mets seemed to turn a double play but the batter was called safe at first.  Jerry moseyed out to argue and I was just hoping that the umpire would throw him out of the game.  I was REALLY hoping that the umpire would fire him but I guess first base umpires don’t have that kind of power.  Hopefully the Mets will come to their senses and start putting a less frustrating product on the field soon, one which is worthy of Citi Field.

To read the rest of Craig's article, check it out here: http://sabometrics.com/?p=533

I never will publicly call for any one to lose their job, but I wouldn't lose any sleep if Jerry Manuel is relieved of his duties.

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