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Monday, April 12, 2010

Jerry Manuel after the game

“We appeared unprepared,” Manuel said. “I have to take responsibility.”

This is completely ridiculous. How is a team who went 70-92 last year UNPREPARED after 6 games of the season.

He should be fired for that moronic comment. Or maybe we should wait until we are 4-8 after this road trip.

I may be over-reacting, but as a manager you can not talk about your team being unprepared. That's his job. If he can't do his job, fire him and find some one who can.


  1. "unprepared" is a bad word to use 6 games into the season. It is a brand new season with new hope, yet the same excuses from the last 2 years.

    And I know it is hard to hit a baseball and sometimes a pitcher has a great day, but how can you be unprepared to face a pitcher who was on your team in the past? I would think you should know that pitcher better than most.

    But maybe Manuel is just protecting his team early in the season and trying to keep the heat off of them in hopes they can get it rolling. If he says that they had no fire, desire, etc then the fans kill the team. If he says they were unprepared and it is on him, they call for his head and leave the players alone...I always hope there is more to what you read in the papers

  2. Fire his ass.....same team, same excuses, same outcomes....LOSS LOSS LOSS....I don't think the players take him seriously....

    PS--> They don't have the BEST talent in the league but seem to be the last in HEART

  3. Hopefully the Wilpons will wait until 3am EST halfway into the roadtrip to fire him.

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