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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

J Mejia vs B Parnell

I know this article was from a couple days ago, but I wanted to write up a more detailed post about it. Well, time has been at a premium for me, so I will just pass this along. Again, this is from Toby Hyde of MetsMinorLeagueBlog.com.

Even Dan Warthen told Adam Rubin at the new ESPNNY that Mejia’s breaking ball isn’t there yet:
There’s a lot of different options for a talent like this, because he does have a plus curveball. Now, the command of the curveball is well below major league average. But the pitch itself is above average, as is his changeup.

Make sure you read the whole article here: Confused Rosters and Happy Thoughts, which has a nice chart comparison of Mejia vs Parnell's minor league stats.

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