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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Game 7- ugly recap

Yes, the game is still going on, but I'm writing up the recap now, because this game is all but over.

The Good: Not much. David Wright did hit a HR, but it was 8-0 when it happened.

The Bad:
  • 3 innings, 8 runs. 
    • Thanks for your effort John Maine.
      • He is not a major league pitcher right now
  • Luis Castillo, learn how to play baseball
    • I don't care that the replays showed that you were safe. The difference between a single and a double in an 8-0 game is nil.
  • Jose Reyes, field the ball before trying to turn a double play
    • Another incidence of an apparent lack of focus
      • "UNPREPARED?"
  • Jerry Manuel
    • Why is J Mejia pitching in the 6th inning of a 8-0 game?
    • Why is Nieve pitching in his 5th game of the year in a blowout?
      • He pitched terrible and only lasted 1/3 of an inning
        • The magic carpet ride may be over and back to reality for Nieve and the rest of the bullpen
The Mets are 2-5 and face Aaron Cook tomorrow; Jorge De La Rosa on Thursday. I am now hoping they don't get swept, as when they arrive in St. Louis on Friday, they face ace Chris Carpenter. YIKES

Not the start we were hoping/expecting

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