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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Countdown to Opening Day. Home Opener 2006

2006: Mets vs Nationals.

Had to take an 8AM gait exam (very challenging exam), but had to finish it quickly because we were leaving at 9:30AM. Brought a cooler to Mike M.'s office, and one of his friends drove (Noonan); Jamie S also went. We sat in traffic forever, thus had to have a few sarsaparillas on the grand central parkway. Finally tailgated in the Hall of Science Parking Lot. Game was in control and ENTER SANDMAN BLARED; we knew the game was over. We went over 3 bridges to get home to CT, stupid GPS was set to avoid tolls; guess that didn’t work. WFAN ride home was Mike and the and Dog saying, “MIKE, HE CANT PLAY THAT SONG. HE JUST CANT DO IT. HE CANT DO IT MIKE. THAT’S MARIANO’S SONG. HE CANT DO IT. NOT IN THIS TOWN” Mets won 3-2.

Mets Starting Line-up:
J Reyes SS
P Lo Duca C (he's still trying to play baseball, AAA with the Rockies)
C Beltran CF
C Delgado 1B
D Wright 3B
M Alou LF
S Green RF
J Valentin 2B
J Maine P

Nationals Starting Line-up:
B Watson CF
J Vidro 2B
J Guillen RF
N Johnson LF
A Soriano LF
R Zimmerman 3B
R Clayton SS
B Schneider C
L Hernandez P (how many times have we faced Livan on the home opener?)

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  1. anytime you can throw in sasparillas, it's a good post...

    I also remember mad dog going nuts on the song...then they asked Rivera and Wagner and they were both like "it's just a song"