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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Battle of the Blogs

I participated in a draft last week, "Battle of the Blogs", a collection of 20 blog writers trying to show their baseball knowledge in a fantasy baseball league. I will be previewing my team next week (after my two other remaining drafts), and will be making weekly/bi-weekly updates on it, as well as having some guest blog posts and links to other blogs that I'm facing that week.  To read more about the league, check this out: http://www.doublegsports.com/2010/03/Battle-of-the-Blogs-Preview-League-and-Draft.aspx.

I want to thank Gregg from Double G Sports for organizing it. This was part of my participation in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (you may have noticed the logo on the side of the page). This is a great network of bloggers and for those who are looking for other new blogs for teams that the Mets will be playing, check out the site for some recommended sites. Baseball Bloggers Alliance Home Page

Here is Gregg's recap of his draft, Double G's Draft Recap, and Kate (who had the 1st pick of the draft and took A-Rod)...Lady Love Pinstripes

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