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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Point I forgot to bring up in the Recap

This was something that I had thought of as I was watching the game last night, but didn't write it down to focus on it this morning. Thankfully, Joe Janish (over at MetsToday.com), didn't forget about it, and wrote a great post on it, which can be found here (Tejada vs Cora, SS vs 2B).

When the double switch was made and Tejada came in the game, why did he play 2nd base, when all spring we heard he was the best defensive SS in camp? He obviously has more range than Cora at SS, and Cora has more experience playing 2B than SS. It didn't have an impact on the end result of the game, but these little details can add up and cost a team a couple games throughout the year...

And here is the quote I love from Joe's article:
Maybe I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill … but, these “little” things have been piling up for years, and when you add them all up, you have to believe they’ve had something to do with the Mets’ failure to make the postseason three years running.

I agree 100%, and it's a well thought out post, as well as a great overall blog. Make sure you check it out. http://www.metstoday.com/

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