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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Game 79: Mets (44-34) @ Nationals (34-45)

Here is the line-up that will face the age-less Livan Hernandez:

J Feliciano CF (Pagan still can't hit left-handed)
R Tejada SS (Reyes missed second game in a row)
D Wright 3B
I Davis 1B
J Francoeur RF (he does have good career #s vs Livan, but hitting ahead of 'The Animal?')
C Carter LF (Jerry Manuel finally remembered he is capable of starting a game)
H Blanco C (Johan's old catcher trying to rekindle 'the old Johan')
A Cora 2B
J Santana P

My Prediction: If Johan can survive the 1st inning without allowing another Josh Willingham grand slam, he will be alright. Mets beat up Livan and Johan shows some encouraging signs he is capable of being a #2/#3 pitcher for the Mets for the rest of the year, and Mets win 5-2.


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