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Friday, July 23, 2010

Game 97: Mets @ Dodgers

Here is the line-up that faces V Padilla:

J Reyes SS
L Castillo 2B
A Pagan RF
D Wright 3B
C Beltran CF
I Davis 1B
J Bay LF
H Blanco C
J Santana P

My Prediction: Johan throws a gem and the Mets win, but it's not an easy win. Mets win 2-0.

Let's Go Mets


  1. with the exception of Blanco...this is the strongest lineup the Mets have ....if THOLE catches it would be the strongest lineup!!!!

    I hope they score more than 2 RUNS

  2. i really like pagan in the 3 hole

  3. I am a huge Pagan fan...but he isn't a 3 hitter ...but this gives the line-up the LENGTH Jerry talks about