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Friday, July 16, 2010

Reaction to Last Night's Game

  • RA Dickey's mastery continues and shows no signs of stopping. He pitched well enough to win, but it's very rare you win a game when your offense only produces 6 total bases
  • C Beltran returned, going 1-4, and even had a stolen base attempt (unsuccessful), but he did hit the ball hard once, and barely ran faster than me on his last at-bat, a routine ground out
  • C Carter got a pinch-hit base hit
  • It was a quick defeat, taking only 2:10; great for east coast fans when the games start after 10 PM
  • PEDRO FELICIANO. You have one job, get lefties out. What does he do? Walks the only lefty batter he faces on four pitches.
  • Ike Davis made an aggressive, but ill-advised throw to the plate in the bottom of the 8th. It turned out not to matter because the Mets couldn't score anyway, but still was a bad decision.
Mets are now 5 games back of the Braves and face Barry Zito tonight in a match-up of lefties. I wonder if Reyes will play tonight or if Jerry Manuel really meant when he said he won't play until he's pain-free...

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  1. Niese needs a big effort tonight. I am still looking at taking 3 of 4. Niese, Johan, Pelf. That has to get at least 2 wins, I would hope...