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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Mets Battled Back, but for Naught. Terrible Loss

Down 6-0 before the Mets even got to hit, the Mets battled back; 2 RBIs from Hessman, Beltran's 1st HR, a huge Pagan 2 run homer in the 8th, followed by a big 2-RBI pinch hit from Ike. The Mets bullpen was outstanding, throwing 7 shutout innings (including 2 innings from K-Rod), but Jerry decided it was a good idea to face Pujols with Pedro Feliciano, rather than walking him; terrible decision, and Pujols ropes an RBI single to make 8-7 in the top of the 13th, and that was the final.

Johan was terrible in the 1st (6 runs and 8 hits), as the Cardinals scouting report was swing and hit 1st pitch strike; his final line was 5 2/3 innings, 13 hits, 1 walk and 7 earned runs, including a home run from Holliday.

This is going to be a short night sleep for both teams, but worse for the Mets. The game starts at 12:10 PM on Thursday: Dickey vs Hawksworth.

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