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Monday, July 12, 2010

Mets Offense & Pitching compared to League Averages

Mets Offensive Ranks in the National League:
Batting Average: 9th
On-Base %: 11th
Slugging %: 11th
OPS: 12th
Runs: 9th

Mets Pitching Ranks in the National League:
ERA: 5th

Yes, if you look at the other pitching statistics they aren't as good, but that's an easy stat to compare how they have done this 1st half (and it won't be that good in the 2nd half).

Could they use a 5th starter? Of course. Could they use another bullpen arm? Of course. But out of the 17 other teams that are above .500, all but one or two teams couldn't use bullpen help or another starter.

I don't think that we need a major upgrade in the offense (a trade for Kelly Johnson would be nice), but more so that we maximize the team's strengths (large platoon splits) and minimize their weaknesses (Frenchy and Barajas pathetic OBPs). I don't think the Mets need to trade for bullpen help as they have a serviceable arms in the minors (Acosta and hopefully Igarashi). The 5th starter is something they don't have in the minors, and that is where the trade market could improve the team.


  1. As far as lineup goes, why not bat Beltran 5th or 6th until he gets going? I agree with the 4 hole power issue. He is a perfect #2 hitter, but we know they won't do that. So I could live with Reyes, Pagan, Wright, Davis, Beltran, Bay, whoever. It would give Davis some protection and Bay is still capable so it should help Beltran.

    Then again, just go perform and who cares where you bat.

  2. ms2379---you couldn't be more wrong...Beltran is not a 2 hitter..He doesn't put the ball in play consistently and should not be bunting for sacrafices....He does have power...The ideal two hitter is someone who will take a lot of pitches, not afraid to hit deep in counts and can bunt when asked to...Pagan or Castillo are the only two REAL #2 hitters on this team

    but maybe Jerry will put Frenchie there...who knows??

    Beltran should not be batting 4 as soon as he comes off the DL. He has always had trouble with curve balls and that is all he will see in that spot UNLESS basestealers are on in front of him but if that is your arguement than he should bat 3rd and let Reyes and Pagan be in front of him but no way should he bat fourth. I like him 6th until he gets his legs back under him.

  3. At least the Mets will have home field in the World Series thanks to Brian McCann.

  4. I have no problem with your point, but your view of a 2 hitter is a traditional view. I have a more agressive view of a 2 hitter. There is no reason a 2 hitter can't be a guy like Beltran. Everybody has this idea of a Castillo or David Eckstein or whoever in the 2 hole. That's fine, but I could definately live with a 2 hitter banging balls off the wall (since he has power as noted) and Wright banging him in.

    I really want Beltran in the middle of the lineup where he belongs, but until he proves to me he is ready, he needs to be protected. If you remember, 3 short weeks ago he was running with a limp and last time I checked, limps don't go away that quickly after a year off from knee surgery.

    I could rest easy right now with Reyes, Beltran, Wright, Davis, Bay, Pagan, etc. See, Pagan in the 6 as .300 hitter provides Bay the protection that might get him going and it gives length to the lineup.

    Now, perfect world, everybody healthy, I would think it would be Reyes, Pagan, Wright, Beltran, Davis, Bay.

    But as I have said a thousand times, I really don't care who bats where. Go perform and win.

  5. I tend to agree with Marc's point of view of a #2 hitter more than John's.

    My ideal #2 hitter can work the count, have a good eye, but also gets on base and can drive the ball is a plus. Being able to sac bunt is not a need for a 2 hitter in my line-up.

    As far as Beltran's "power" he hit 10 home runs in 81 games last year. And in 14 games in SINGLE A this year, he has exactly ZERO home runs, and only five extra base hits. And that's against pitchers that can't command breaking balls.