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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mid-day Wednesday Update

Least you Should Know:
  1. Oliver Perez was activated from the DL and J Turner was sent down to Buffalo. Perez is likely going to be the 2nd situational lefty, aka, he will barely pitch. Hope he finds a niche and becomes the best 2nd lefty out of the 'pen in baseball and justifies his contract.
  2. Alex Cora was very upset with people laughing in the clubhouse after the game yesterday. Well I guess that's why he's making 2 million dollars this year. Really hope he plays 80 games this year so we can get this great clubhouse help next year as well. I'm worried someone may realize he's worth every dime he's making. (screaming of sarcasm)
  3. Mets are once again carrying 3 catchers, something Jerry loved to do last year. It's still a waste of a roster spot as I said in the off-season, but why would we want to have a competent bench?
  4. Mets are rumored to be interested/scouting every available starting and relief pitcher. In other news, there is oil in the Gulf. We've been hearing both of those stories non-stop for the past 3 months...This is why I refrain from commenting on 98% of rumors in June and July.
  5. The Phillies are rumored to be close to acquiring a starting pitcher, and willing to move Jayson Werth to make it happen. My Take: I hope they trade Werth, as he's a bigger impact than any pitcher they would acquire, including Oswalt.
That's all for now folks. Thanks for reading as always, and keep the comments coming. And no, I don't advocate drinking at 10:30 AM.


  1. Steve Phillips' MistressJuly 21, 2010 at 3:30 PM

    I think the Mets should offer Oli for Werth straight up. That will get Ruben Amaro Jr. salivating.

  2. I agree 100% about Werth. I hope they deal him away.

    Also, while I think Thole should be in the majors until his hitting stops, carrying 3 catchers is a bit odd (what isn't with this regime?). Can't they send Blanco to the minors?

    You don't advocate drinking? At all or just at 1030 am, haha!

  3. Perez the situatonal lefty? Don't she shocked if Takahashi becomes that (or the 1A to Feliciano) and Perez gets another shot at being a starter.

    Of course the Mets are saying they are looking at all options. Then Omar will say they didn't want to give up a prospect or the deal wasn't right or he didn't feel it was an upgrade. We have heard that speech for the last 3 years so why would it change now?

    Also, it was noted by some new female talk show person that she personally texted an executive friend of hers about the Mets and he responded that publically the Mets are saying they can add payroll but when it comes time to deal and make trades, they are saying they cannot add payroll. Is that true? Who knows. I never believe everything I hear since I wasn't there, but throw that in the mix too...