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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Morning Thoughts

The Mets finish up "the first half" of the season today in desperate need of a win, and thankfully they have the best pitcher on the staff to try to do that (Johan).

Here are some thoughts and links that I think are worth while on this Sunday morning.
  • It was completely insane that Jose Reyes has been playing all week, and I was not alone in the criticism of it. Now on top of under-performing, he also re-aggravated the oblique injury. He will miss the All-Star game (thankfully), but who knows if he will be 100% by Thursday when the Mets play the Giants, or if time on the DL will be warranted.
  • Joe Janish over at Mets Today picked up a mechanical flaw that he thinks is the cause of Pelfrey's recent struggles. Whether his arm his "dead" as he says or not, I hope the Mets can figure it out because if he's not effective we may as well mail in the rest of the season.
  • I've had numerous conversations with many of the readers and other bloggers as I'm always asked "which pitcher should the Mets trade for?" My response seems to be in the minority, but as I've stated before, this team is not built to win the world series this year, and even if we had added Cliff Lee, I'm not sure if we make the playoffs. So based on that, I'm not willing to trade any significant part of our farm system to try to make the playoffs this year. If the Cubs want to "gift-wrap" Ted Lilly if the Mets take on his 5-6 million remaining for this year, then I'm all for it. But if we need to give up a piece of our future, then I will think long and hard about it. Depending on the outcome of today's game, the Mets could be in 3rd place, 6 games out of first place, and three games out of the wild card.
  • Bill over at Citislickers.com has an open letter to Jerry Manuel that is a good read.
Hope the Mets win today, rest and recoup during the All-Star break, as Beltran is set to return on Thursday and bat clean-up. I'll have a post discussing that tomorrow.


  1. I agree with Anthony and not trade away the future. But a few people I would trade if they can find takers:

    Castillo- I for one am a fan, because he plays the game as it should be played but if the future is tejada , than he should be playing all year for experience

    Maine and Perez- who would take them???

    Deal one of the catchers and give Thole some more playing time BuT only if he is going to swing the bat and not bunt in the sixth hole of the line up

    Can we trade managers? I am getting tired of Jerry and what seems to be his lack of smart decisions

  2. Despite the losing streak, the Mets are fine. The 11 game roadie right after the break will be huge considering the Mets woes away from Citi.

    I don't want to give up the future either, but I also know that you can never tell (or at least rarely) what the young kids are going to be. So if an opportunity to pick somebody up is there, I would consider it. A guy like Lee did not appeal to me because he was 3 month rental. A guy like Oswalt does because he has a contract for next year so you would get 1.5 years out of him.

    Mets need to win today and Johan will come up big like he should. The Mets have struggled with Lowe in the past, but this is a game they need.