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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Off-Day Thoughts

Very quiet day in Mets-sphere, and as a result of that and the real work world being busy again for me, this is the only post of the day.

  1. Jose Reyes told reporters yesterday he was meeting with the team doctors today
    1. Scratch that, he didn't; guess it doesn't bother anyone he can't slide head first or hit left-handed..
  2. The guys over at Mets Today had two outstanding articles on K-Rod and his ankle, and both are must reads.
    1. Whats wrong with k-rod
    2. More on Francisco Rodriguezs balky ankle

Other news, the Mets still want to add a starting pitcher, and are looking at Lee, Oswalt, Lilly and now Sheets. Hey, did anyone say we should've signed Sheets this off-season?

Big series starts tomorrow, and it should be great pitching throughout the series. Tommy Hanson's scouting report will be posted tomorrow morning.

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