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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adam Rubin's Mid-term report cards

Adam Rubin of ESPN New York posted his Mid-term report cards, and they are worth a look. Here are the links to my pitchers and hitters report cards after the 54 game (1/3 of the season) mark.

Here are reasons for optimism:

The Mets get five-time All-Star Carlos Beltran back on Thursday.

They're within four games of first place after salvaging Sunday's series finale against the Atlanta Braves.

They're within striking distance despite getting only six home runs from Jason Bay in the first half -- paltry longball production that surely can't persist for a full season.

And the Mets have yet to play a game this season against National League doormats Pittsburgh (30-58), Arizona (34-55) and Houston (36-53). Meanwhile, division-leading Atlanta has played a combined 16 games against those opponents.
Rubin gave A's to: Pagan, Wright, and A-'s to Dickey, Feliciano and J Niese, with Maine getting a D and Ollie P an F.

Jerry Manuel got a B- and as his need improvement = "Please stop bunting every time with runners on first and second and nobody out."

Omar got a C.

My Take: I agree with most of the rankings, and agree 1000% with Jerry Manuel's needs improvement. I'm ready for baseball tonight, but to no avail. I am excited to watch Tiny Tim Lincecum throw tomorrow night.

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