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Thursday, July 22, 2010

And the Mets Get Swept Without Using Their "Best Bullpen Pitcher"

Jerry manages "by the dumb book" and doesn't use his closer in 14 innings even though he warmed up 5 times according to Gary Cohen. This is criminal and needs to be stopped. 2nd time Jerry has done it (20 inning game in Cardinals), and for the 2nd time, I think this is a fire-able offense.

Mets get swept, losing 4-3.

Time of game: 4:45

F Nieve with the loss.

Face Kuroda tomorrow night, with Takahashi throwing for the Mets. Mets are 1-6 on this road trip.


  1. Enough blaming Jerry already. I've been watching the Mets for 20 something years now and if you listen to fans then the Mets have never had a good Manager and never have had a good closer in that time period. Unless of course they are winning.

    - Cotmetal

  2. I do belive that ulimately it is the players who need to play. It is hard to win when your 15 million dollar left fielder is hitting 2-whatever with 6 home runs. Some guys clearly aren't performing as we would like. No question.

    However, I remember the Mets of the late 90's and the early 2000's with Valentine and they did not have as much talent as this team. But they had the right mix, the right manager, etc. and they were successful.

    So everybody is culpable here. Of course the manager and Omar will fall on the sword becuase you can't fire players.

    As far as K-Rod, yeah, he has blown some. But that is the state of a MLB closer these days. Everybody wants Rivera. NOBODY has Rivera. This closer thing is what it is. Do I like it? No. But compare him to what is out there, and he stacks up pretty favorably. Of course we would like him to perform better. I am sure he wants to perform better too. Stats were posted on this site at the break and they proved he wasn't as bad as the fans were making it out to be.

    Anybody else slightly optimistic that Parnell hit 101 last night? With that kind of arm, I sure hope he finds himself. He can help if he does.

    The Dodgers are playing as bad as the Mets are right now so let's see what they got tonight. One good start from a pitcher and a few hits when they need them and all of a sudden they are back on track. I am not giving up on this team. Not yet. Still a long way to go.

  3. Thanks for comments Cotmetal, but I am evaluating this team within the realm of this year. And this year, Jerry Manuel is one of the worst game managers in baseball.

    Marc, Parnell has always been able to throw hard, but as you also know, major league hitters can hit a straight fastball if they know it's coming, no matter how fast it is. The key is, and always will be, for Parnell to develop his secondary pitches.