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Friday, July 16, 2010

Game 90: Mets @ Giants

Here is the line-up that will face LHP Barry Zito:

R Tejada SS (UM, REALLY!?!?!? He has a .221/.299/.263 slash. AND HE'S HITTING LEAD OFF?!)
J BAY LF (Talk about an ideal #2 hitter for John....)
D Wright 3B
C Beltran CF
J Francoeur RF
I Davis 1B
R Barajas C
A Cora 2B
J Niese P

My prediction: I would've said the Mets win this game based on the pitching match-up, but after seeing the line-up, I couldn't be more disgusted. Mets lose 3-2.

1 comment:

  1. I now call to fire Jerry for Stupidity...Tejada first and Bay 2nd.....are you serious??

    MS2379 ---is BAY a good 2 hitter in your mind with a little POP....???

    Mets lose and this LONGER lineup can't score a RUN...