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Monday, July 26, 2010

Poll Is Closed.. And the Answer is?

Metsblog is saying Hojo and all the coaches are safe. MetsToday is saying Hojo is gone as hitting coach, but he may be reassigned within the organization.

And I'm not quite sure who to believe. 

Guess we should wait for the final decision tomorrow.

In other news, Barajas was placed on the DL with an oblique strain, and the Mets recalled Mike Hessman, who has 18 HRs in 64 games for Buffalo. The other rumor of the night is that Barajas was asked for in a trade by the Red Sox last week for Ramon Ramirez.

My Take: Why would the Mets turn that down? Ramirez isn't a bullpen savior, but he's a warm body! Hope this offer really wasn't on the table (it doesn't make sense to me why the Sox would've offered that), because this would be another terrible move by Omar if he actually declined that.

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