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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mets lose another game, another series

2nd night in a row that I'm not making it past 4th inning. Beltran can't play center field. PERIOD, END OF STORY.
Good night

Update: Mets offense makes the Diamondbacks pitching staff look like a bunch of Cy Youngs, mustering two solo home runs after being shutout for seven innings. Poor defense by Beltran led to two runs for Arizona.

Niese tries to be a stopper vs Haren in the series finale, 9:40 PM EST.


  1. The technical difficulties that SNY had were due to poor baseball being played. Bases loaded and 1 out. And a ball not even put in play!!!!

    I didn't even see a pitch thrown and turned it off I knew the outcome!!!

    Yahoo sports is reporting pagan is going to lose playing time to frenchie. Did Jerry Talmud about this again. Pagan. Another HR last night and continues to bat over 310. How do you sit him for defense??

    Offense wins games, defense wins championships and we can't beat Arizona!!!

  2. July 31-- I will be sending photos up close and personal to see how bad we are as I sit in my seats at the delta club!! Why did I buy these again????

  3. Well, they have to beat Haren. Hard to figure they will hit Haren when they couldn't touch whoever it is they faced last night. But baseball is a strange game.

    At this point, they will be lucky to escape these 11 at 4-7. It is looking more like 3-8 or 2-9 as sad as that is to say.

    However, how many times this year have we left them for dead and then they go 10-1 or something like that? It has happened a few times. You have to watch every night becuase you don't know what they are going to do. I guess that's why they aren't that good of a team--inconsistent.

    But I do not think they are going to end up 20 games out of this thing. Whether or not they can challenge for anything of substance, it's possible. How possible? ....?

  4. I am as optimistic a Mets fan as you will find. However, I have to say the recent road woes are only compounded when you realize they got Beltran back. 11 games scoring 4 runs or less. That's unacceptable. 1-5 on this trip WITH Beltran. Granted, he's hitting better than Frenchy, but obviously you lose something in Center (like last night).

    I hope they can do something against Haren and split or win (wishful thinking) the series in LA. Is 1030am too early for a drink?

  5. 10:30 AM is not too early. And as Mets fans, shouldn't we be about 3 or 4 in by 10:30 AM?

  6. Reports are swirling that Chad Cordero is close to signing a minor league deal after his release by Seattle.

    YES!! Our pitching help is here!!! (note the heavy sarcasm)

  7. Haha, you are right about Mets fans drinking. This is where I find the fetal flaw in the theory that the Mets have no money to add payroll. They charge us $7/beer at Citi and make over $6/beer in profit...add that to the fact that the Mets, at times, make us feel like a drink while watching the offense flounder, and they have to be making money hand over fist.

    Cordero signing = Omar making a move to make a move