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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jose Reyes, Right-handed Hitter.

I meant to post about this last night, but wanted to keep the highlight/story of the night on Johan. Then the real world prevented me from commenting on it earlier. So the NY Times beat me to it.

Reyes said that in batting practice before the Mets’ 3-0 win over the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday night, he tried to hit left-handed, but he still felt soreness from the injury. So for the time being, he will limit himself to hitting right-handed, even against right-handed pitchers.

"It’s a little weird; it’s a little different,” he said. “But I just want to be in the lineup.”
One complication Reyes faces concerns his base-running. He is known for sliding headfirst, which he is not supposed to do while recovering from the injury. Reyes said he had to constantly remind himself to take care on the bases.

“It’s kind of hard for me,” he said. “Every time I steal or hit a triple, I slide headfirst. I’ve been doing that all my life.”
My Take: He is unable to swing from the left-side due to pain (he faced a right-handed reliever last night hitting righty), and he isn't able to run the bases like he normally would. But he's playing because he wanted to be in the line-up. I alluded to it in my pre-game write up yesterday, but this is completely ridiculous. The Mets have four games left before the All-Star break; why wouldn't you rest him and let him heal completely rather than risking re-injurying himself and increasing the severity of the tear? This is complete insanity. And how effective will Reyes be hitting from the right-side versus a righty pitcher; when was the last time he did this besides versus a knuckleballer? When he was 15? TERRIBLE/VERY SHORT-SIGHTED DECISION MAKING BY THE METS.

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