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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vintage Johan Does it All, and Mets Win!

Johan delivers a complete game shutout, AND I APPLAUD JERRY MANUEL for leaving him in!!! Write that down and mark your calender that I agreed with Jerry. Johan only allowed three hits, and he also hit his 1st career HR. J Bay drove in two runs to account for the other two runs, Mets win 3-0. Nice crisp win, good job boys.

Niese's job tomorrow is to win the series vs Arroyo, 7:10 PM.


  1. Big effort from Johan. I LOVE to see him tell Jerry "I'm fine". That's leadership. He wants the ball, demands the ball, and performs. I did hear an interesting stat last night--in his 7 no decisions, he has a 1.3 ERA. Though he hasn't thrown well lately (last night aside) it isn't as bad as people think. He is still Johan and is still a great 2nd half pitcher.

    Arroyo is always tough on the Mets so Niese needs to come up big and match what is usually a very good Arroyo peformance vs. the Mets.

  2. I agree MS2379, great to see the leadership out of Johan. He's allowed 1 run in his last 16 innings of work. Hopefully it continues. I think he's tired of hearing that the Mets need to bring in Lee to be their Ace. Now that he has apparently fixed his pitch tipping issues, Johan is back on track.

    Tonight should be a good game. If Niese can neutralize the lefties and the Mets can get to Arroyo early, it'll be a nice night!