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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A loyal reader sent this in. Enjoy the game. "Came to see the mets get swept."


  1. The Mets aren't getting swept. They are going to win 4-2 (I hope I am not petting the pony here). Big effor from Santana. That's why he is Santana.

    Castillo back will help. I happen to like Castillo and think he has bad rap for no real reason. He makes this lineup better and they can send Tejada down and let him play everyday and work on "the offensive side of the house".

    This win today is big because it allows the Mets go into Arizona and win a series and then win a series in LA to be near .500 on the road trip. They cannot go 3-8 or something like that. So salvaging a game is a big deal. It gets some momentum back going into a struggling Diamdondback team.

    Oh, Jerry caled me--told me to be in ARI tomorrow to bat 2nd. Can't wait...

  2. I knew it..shouldn't have petted the pony...i did, blown save...wonderful..have to find a way to win this game...CANNOT let this one get away...just can't happen...

    I should know better than to pet the pony...and I meant 3-2 not 4-2

  3. Once again....Pagan with RBI....he is in the middle of every big game...HE needs to play

    KROD ..thanks again..