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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scouting Report RHP, Barry Enright

If you are sitting there asking 'who is Barry Enright', don't worry, that was my exact response when I saw he was starting on Sunday.

The 24-year old Right-hander Barry Enright was a second-round pick in 2007 out of Pepperdine, where he was the 73rd pick, which was the highest Pepperdine player drafted since 2001 (current teammate Dan Haren and former big leaguer Noah Lowry). Enright made his major league debut June 30 by limiting the Cardinals to one run in five innings in a 101-pitch performance.

Enright is a pure finesse pitcher who survives by mixing up four average pitches. He throws an upper-80s fastball that occasionally hits 91, and three secondary pitches (curve, slider, changeup) that all rate as average, with his change-up being a plus pitch. He throws all of his pitches for strikes and at any point in the count, succeeding on the ability to paint the corners and keep hitters off balance. He has a big frame (6'3" 220 pounds), clean mechanics, and no injury history of note. This year in the minors, he had 10 quality starts in his 14 starts, striking out a solid 8 per 9, and walking only 1.4 W/9. He had gone seven innings in his last eight starts before making his major league debut. He's a fly-ball pitcher who has little margin for error, especially in Chase Field. He uses his slider as his strike out pitch and he hasn't thrown a change-up when he's ahead of the count yet in his three starts.

He's made three starts this year, and is 1-2 in 15 2/3 innings. The last two starts he's thrown 78 and 76 pitches, and he has yet to complete 6 innings in the big leagues. He's walked 6 in the 15 2/3 innings, and allowed two home runs.

Most scouts label his upside as a #5 starter, and is a "lesser Ian Kennedy." He was the Diamondbacks #11 prospect before and after the 2008 season according to Baseball Prospectus, but was not in the top 30 in this year's Baseball America Prospect Handbook

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