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Saturday, July 31, 2010

From a loyal fan in Delta Club. Let's go Mets!


  1. Grat seats

    Here are two points from last night:

    1. The crowd was more into doing the wave over and over again instead of watching the game!!

    2. Parnell comes in the game in the 7th First batter ropes a double to left center that belt ran has to jog after the next batter lines a ball to center that belt ran should have caught. Now 1st and 3rd. Walks the next batter!! Thames Jerry wakes up from his nap and pulls Parnell.

    OK. Here is my beef. You are winning this game 2-1 at this point and every game is a must win. Parnell didn't have it but why does it take bases loaded and no out to relize it.

    Side notes.

    1: beltran hits a scorching 5 hopper to 1st base and tries to beat it out. Lol

    2: pagan wright recess. Had all of the mets hits for the past two nights except for one or two

    3:guys who hustled this game -- pagan(as always shows up to play the game as it should be played). And the Animal stills to the plates thinking he is Hulk Hogan with his entrance song (waiting for him to rip off his shirt and yell to the pitcher. "are your ready?" ) hustled on every ball he hit

    Oh I almost forgot Jerry hustled to first base to "discuss why the runner was safe by a step" and in the seventh on his run to the mound to grab Parnell -Jerrys arm was up for the call to the pen before he came out of the dugout,!

  2. Oh yeah. Break down for last night

    $19 to park
    $52 for food - 2 hot dogs, 2 pretzels, 2 fries, soda and beer
    Total $ 71 not including tickets

    And the Mets continue to pay Jerry to manage. I could have used him in the stands to take my food order or direct me where to park my car!!

    Wake up Wilpons this is Maidoff all over again!!!