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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mets finish up the 1st Half with a Nice W

great win 3-0 highlighted by strong pitching from Johan and perfect innings from Parnell and K-Rod. I Davis MASHED a bomb to straight away CF. Mets finish homestand 2-4, and have a few days off ...


  1. Johan with the shut out (with some help...) much needed.

    And Bay will be fine. I know some people want him on the bench, but he is capable of getting hot and no way they are sitting 4 years / 66 mill on the bench. Maybe move him down in the lineup, but he is going to play. Beltran should take time away from Francouer, not Bay. But Francouer has value--defensive replacement for Beltran late in games or something like that.

    As I said earlier, this 11 game road trip to SF, ARI, and LA is a very big deal...need to win the road trip...6-5 minimum...

  2. Good to see Parnell come in and use an effective slider. Hopefully he can step up and be the 8th inning guy most of the time for us...and KROD with a 1-2-3 ninth? Unheard of!

    I think the West Coast trip will be very important to our season. I agree that a winning record would be minimum, but as long a they don't go 3-8, I think they'll still be within reach.

    I think the WildCard will be the route the Mets need to go. The Braves are playing well, have a 4 game lead and have 6 more home games than the Mets in the 2nd half. And we know the Mets have struggled away from Citi....we'll see..

  3. I am more concerned with the Phillies. They showed signs of life vs. the Reds with how they won those 2 games they should have lost. They are the best team if they are playing well. Two wins like the last 2 are the types of games that catapault a team forward.

    Atlanta is good, but how they are doing it remains a mystery. They may have 6 more home games, but I am not a believer based on what I have seen from them--not yet at least.

    I see Philly winning the east (even though the Mets are completly capable of winning the east), and the Mets, Reds/Cards, and whoever in the west battling for the wild card, along with Atlanta.

  4. great first half Tony...keep up the good work in the 2nd half! - enjoy Frenchy riding the pine for most of the 2nd half.

    - Cotmetal