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Monday, July 5, 2010

Thoughts on Beltran's Return; Tatis to DL, R Valdes called up

Tatis is forced to the DL due to poor performance, I mean, an AC (shoulder) sprain. Raul Valdes is called up so the Mets once again have 12 pitchers. 

A couple people have asked my thoughts on Beltran's impending return and how it will impact the team.

  1. First off, if he is good enough to play back-to-back games in center field right now, then he should be playing for the Mets in NY not in Port St Lucie.
  2. He will have a positive impact on the team's morale and may force some manager's/pitchers to change how they attack the Mets line-up due to the added "depth".
    1. This will be short-lived as they will soon realize that the #15 that is on the field now is not the same #15 of 2-3 years ago. 
    2. I'm not expecting Beltran to hit for much power, but he will have a good eye, and be able to hit for a .280/.290 average.
  3. I am not confident that Beltran will play a better defensive center field than Pagan is playing, so this may actually make the team weaker when he's in the line-up. 
  4. He will not have an impact on the bases. He will continue to be a smart base-runner, occasionally picking up an extra base, but he won't be able to steal a base if needed.
  5. Summary: I have very low expectations for Beltran when he does return, and I would temper your expectations until we see other wise at the major league level. 

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  1. I do agree with Beltran not hitting for much power but it is "LENGTH" in the line-up that our leader speaks about. Pagan is a godsend for the METS, and should be rewarded for this year. He is batting .370 with RISP...what does he get?? a platoon role...that makes sense...I think you move Pagan around the outfield but he is a MUST in this line up..When will Manuel wake up and see that without Pagan the "LENGTH" is about as long as his gray haired beard.