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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Painful, very painful loss

5-3 leading into the 9th inning, and K-Rod implodes. Terrible 6-5 loss.


Complete disaster.

Mets play tomorrow to try to avoid losing another road series.


  1. KROD is a mystery....how come when the METS get closers....they can't close a DOOR let alone a game..

  2. Tough loss for sure. Let's see what they are made of today. I feel they will win. They are a resilent team this year. Get the split and take the 3-4 road trip. It's not a good trip, but 3-4 is much better than 2-5.

  3. I can't stand watching Shit-ROD fall off the mound sideways and continue to not throw strikes. can anyone find Armando Benitez??? At least he was a cheaper closer. K-Rod must be worse this year than Armando at his prime of shittyness. Can we get a state comparison?