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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Battle for the Last Roster Spot/ 25 man roster

In my post on January 24th, I previewed the Mets and their likely 25 man roster (which can be seen here: http://longlivesheastadium.blogspot.com/2010/01/mets-team-as-of-january-24th.html).

6 weeks later, here is an updated view.

C: Barajas and Blanco
1B: D Murphy (for now?)
2B: L Castillo
3B: D Wright
SS: J Reyes (yes he will be fine by opening day)
LF: J Bay
CF: A Pagan/C Beltran (mid-May)
RF: Jeff Francoeur

SP: J Santana
SP: M Pelfrey
SP: O Perez
SP: J Maine
SP: J Niese

Bullpen: F Rodriquez
R Igarashi
P Feliciano
S Green
B Parnell

That's 10 pitchers, so that leaves the following for 2/3 spots: F Nieve (out of options), N Figueroa (out of options), Kiko Calero (who just signed with the Mets), J Fogg (doubt it), H Takahashi (who was very impressive in his 1st outing), and J Meija (who Omar has said will start in AA, but that could change).

My predictions: F Nieve, K Calero (unless he needs time to build up his arm strength and starts the year on DL), and H Takahashi make the team. The Mets DFA Nelson Figueroa, he gets pissed, but then realizes no one else wants him, and goes back to Buffalo. This also is assuming K Escobar will start the year on the DL.

So if the Mets carry the 13 pitchers above, and the 9 position players listed above (A Pagan and Blanco, Beltran on the DL), the Mets will have 3 other position players on the bench.

A Cora is a given, and it's probably safe to assume F Tatis is a given as well. So that means the final spot on the roster will come down to: M Jacobs, G Matthews Jr., F Catalanotto and C Carter. Ike Davis and Fernando Martinez have a very slim chance.

I have a feeling the allure of M Jacobs power will secure him the last spot, but then again, G Matthews is hitting over .400 this spring after today's game (again, anything can happen with a small sample size).

If you want to check out the spring training stats for these players, go to http://www.doublegsports.com/2010/03/New-York-Mets-Position-Battles-Update-3910.aspx, it's laid out very nicely. It's only a week of stats, but still, gives you something to look at.

Who do you guys think will fill out the last 2-3 pitching spots and last position player spot?

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